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System Architect uses industry standard concepts and conventions. This means that a great breadth of reference material is relevant for those who wish to understand these standards/conventions. This is true for understanding Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) and for the application User Interface (UI) - ie the concept of a Workspace with one or more Projects. Of course we will work to provide documentation for System Architect - in particular to cover some common obstacles for folks new to the application. In the meantime; here are a few tips.

Tip #1 Using the Browser

The System Architect User Interface consists of a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) widget as the central feature. A number of 'dock' windows exist to support interacting with the documents (diagrams etc). The most important of these is the Browser. This is on the left side by default. Interaction with the Browser is obvious with the exception of the need to right-click the mouse on an object in the browser to gain access to its menu. This is important for such things as creating new objects as 'children'. For example; to create a Project within (as a child of) a Workspace.

Tip #2 Connecting to a data source.

Start by creating a Data Source Name (DSN) in ODBC. Then create a new Project within the Workspace. Choose a Project that best matches the database vendor. You can right-click on the Project to add a diagram or a SQL editor. These will be able to use the Projects connection to the DSN. This is not the case if a Diagram or SQL Editor is created as a 'child' of the Workspace.