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Microsoft Windows 10

Logical Model

Create a Logical Model from an existing Physical Model or create one from scratch. A Logical Model is database independent so it can be used to create generic models which can then be turned into a Physical Model for a specific target database. Validate the model and generate documentation.

Physical Model

Create a Physical Model from an existing database (automatically) or create one from scratch. A Physical Model allows database specific optimizations/features to be used. Create a database from an existing Physical Model. Validate the model and generate documentation.

Microsoft Windows XP

Logical Model

Industry standard diagraming.

Physical Model

Configure validation so validation checks get the attention you desire. Information, Warning, or Error - you decide.

SQL Editor

Create projects which contain database connection ability and then organize your models and SQL within these projects. Execute your SQL and generate results in a variety of formats. Share your SQL, and models, projects - even your entire workspace. Open file format (XML) makes it easy to use the files in other programs.


Logical Model

All platforms share the same features and can use the same files. System Architect runs natively, with the systems look & feel, on all popular platforms.

Physical Model

This is the Northwind Physical Model. On Linux, System Architect uses unixODBC to communicate with local or remote databases.

Apple OSX

Other operating systems are available upon request.