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Microsoft Windows - XP

There are no special requirements for OSA on Windows XP. However; you will almost certianly want ODBC drivers installed for any particular databases you want to use.



OSA requires that unixODBC be installed - preferrably with the GUI bits. Fortunately; unixODBC is included on all popular Linux distributions - it just may not get installed by default. You will also want to install any ODBC drivers for the specific database(s) you want to work with.

For those unsure about whether to use the 32bit or the 64bit version - consider trying the 32bit version. Use the 64bit version if your system supports it and if you have the 64bit version of unixODBC installed. Hint; you can see if you have a 64bit version of unixODBC by finding the libodbc.so library and then using the 'file' command-line tool to query the file for its characteristics.


Apple OSX

Other operating systems are available upon request.


Other operating systems are available upon request.

: If you have created a binary distribution for OSA - please let me know so I may include it here :)