Paint: github

It was fun fulling committing to plugins of everything but this became much less useful once the decision was made to open source the project. It also had the project heading towards a full featured paint program and that was not the goal. So plugins were removed. Most basic features are now implemented but a …

Paint: Fill

Created two fill methods; one for solid fills and another for patterns & textures. These are not provided by Qt so they took most of the day to sort out. The more complicated one was for patterns & textures. For this I decided to; So with the image being edited and these two other images …

Paint: Font Dialog

Replaced the standard font dialog with a custom made version. This dialog supports; foreground color, background brush, and the User defined ‘palette’ of ‘fonts’. Also playing a round with the tool bar a bit.


Here is a mid-featured paint program. This should be ready for release (for free) in the next month or two. The target audience are those that are using paint programs such as; xpaint, mtpaint, etc

Alpha 2

System Architect and SQL Editor Alpha 2 released. The principle change is that a ‘Form Designer’ has been introduced. This can be used by the Designer to provide a ‘storyboard’ with a loose specification that is sufficient to present to Clients and to provide input to Coders. Also; a significant issue was resolved – which …

SQL Editor v5.0.0 Alpha 01

A powerful (and free) SQL Editor. Majour Features cross-platform cross-database data browser supporting multiple connections code colourizing code completion submit SQL as batched statements or individualy submit history handles multiple results from a submit comprehensive diagnostics environment intelligence – learns as you use the tool! integrates with CodeByDesign System Architect and RAD